We Give Water Chemistry a Purpose

Water treatment chemicals.

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Dust Control

Reduce airborne dust health hazards.

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Hydraulic Fracking Chemicals

Zinkan's WellREADY Series has solutions perfect for the natural gas industry.

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Water Recovery

Zinkan's solutions for water recovery are perfect for the oil/gas industry as well as for use in remote locations.

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Biocides for Cooling Towers & Hydraulic Fracturing

Zinkan's Biocides Series stop biological infestation & growth.

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Polymers / Flocculants

Maintain water quality within your plant or natural environment.

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Water Quality

Keep water clean by neutralizing corrosive acids and gases.

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Water Treatment

Prevent corrosion with oxygen scavengers and mineral dispersants.

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Material Flow

Stop coal chutes clogging due to wet coal.

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Specialty Chemicals

Improve performance with our specialty chemicals.

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Frothers / Collectors

Increase froth and separation process efficiently.

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Arena Dust Control

Keep your horses happy. Proven dust control for arenas to include sport arenas.

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Streamline operations with expert consultations.

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Authorized Distributor

Calcium Chloride is a highly versatile solution used primarily in deicing and dust control.

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Freeze Control

Keep your operations on schedule, even in freezing conditions.

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Sediment Remover

Keep mud in your ballast free from contamination and allow it to be liquified enough to be released along with the ballast water.

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