Above Ground and Underground Dust Control: Environmental Compliance. Operational Efficiency. Safe Mine Workers.

Excessive levels of dust, if left untreated, can lead to health issues for people and animals. In industry related conditions, operational inefficiency and shutdowns can occur with excessive levels. Zinkan’s top-of-the-line dust control chemicals keep your dust levels down. Zinkan has developed exclusive, cost-effective technology to quickly suppress dust levels, even silica/quartz dust. Zinkan has solutions to seal storage piles, haul roads, and arenas, to simply prevent fly-away dust. 



Underground Environment

Excessive levels of coal dust can negatively affect expensive mining equipment as well as cause health issues for mine workers such as Silicosis and Black Lung Disease. MSHA has new lowered standards for silica/quartz dust levels. But Zinkan has you covered and can get your mine ready for these changes. We’ve developed specially formulated, innovative underground mining dust control chemicals that aid in agglomeration and the treatment of airborne or loose surface dust that accumulates in underground environments. Our one-of-a-kind underground dust control technology puts your organization in compliance with MSHA regulations. No other product on the market can compare. Get your mine ready for MSHA's new standards.

MineREADY™ NoFoam MineREADY™ NoFoam is an effective conditioner for use in treatment and agglomeration of coal dust when suds are foam are not wanted.
MineREADY™ MineREADY™ is one of Zinkan’s most innovative and widely used underground mining dust control chemicals to control silica/quartz/coal dust and get your mine ready to keep your miners safe.
MineREADY™ AggGlu MineREADY™ AggGlu underground dust control chemicals are effective conditioners for use with water.
MineREADY™ Premium MineREADY™ Premium has staying power and is effective for dust control.

Sealing and Topping

Zinkan offers a series of UV-stable dust control products for sealing storage stockpiles, providing aggregate retention and safely stabilizing soil. Our environmentally safe, low-cost dust control products will keep you compliant with MSHA and OSHA regulations while delivering enhanced cohesive strength for the most efficient application available.

DCG-350 DCG-350 is one of Zinkan’s most effective dust control chemicals and can be used for a variety of uses.
DCG-50 DCG-50 is a blended carboxylated emulsion copolymer.
DCG-110-C DCG-110-C is a natural product made primarily of Lignin.

Road Environments

Constant use of haul roads without the proper dust control products can take a tremendous toll on equipment and slow your operation. Zinkan manufactures a series of stable, non-toxic dust control products providing efficient and economical means for sealing and controlling road dust pollution and soil erosion.

DCG-350 DCG-350 is one of Zinkan’s most effective dust control chemicals with a variety of uses.
DCG-110-C DCG-110-C is a natural product made primarily of Lignin.
DCG-115 DCG-115 is a blend of organic and mineral ingredients similar to the base lignin in DCG-110-C.

Arena Dust Control

Dusty conditions can potentially lead to obstructive pulmonary disease and other health and performance related issues for participants and spectators. When any sport arena is dusty, the health of riders, participants, and spectators is jeopardized.

Calcium Chloride Zinkan's Calcium Chloride based product has been around for ages. It is used as an effective settling agent for dust control.
Magnesium Chloride Zinkan's Magnesium Chloride based product in it's dry form is a long term solution for indoor dust control.
ArenaREADY™ Zinkan's proprietory blend that prevents fly-away dust in arenas, stalls, and pathways.