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MineREADY is one of many of Zinkan's innovative, dust control chemicals that has been proven to save customers money and get their coal and quartz dust levels below MSHA set standards.  For decades, Zinkan has provided patented dust control chemistry to underground mining operations throughout the world.  Zinkan Dust Compliant Line is applied where mines use long wall shearers and continuous miners with or without air scrubbers to control fugitive dust.


  • Following the Best Process: The key has been to use an appropriate spraying system and Zinkan’s product line.  Zinkan with it's technical consulting expertise can also reduce dust by 50% using less water. Call a Zinkan representative for more information.


  • MSHA Regulations:  MSHA and mining companies monitor the level of respirable dust.  Currently the 2.0 mg/m3 standard is being lowered and Zinkan has been very successful in providing treatment programs, on a mine-wide basis, to keep the mining face and work areas well below the set levels set by MSHA.  We can make meeting these standards attainable while saving you money.


  • Leading the Way with Technology: MineREADY is a one-of-a-kind patented technology and uses water as the carrier.  


  • Choose the Best… Choose MineREADY  -With over one million gallons of MineREADYproduct having been applied since 1987, today we find more and more underground mining operators choosing Zinkan’s MineREADY technology.


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