Do you have extreme weather conditions to put up with?



ArcticREADY Extreme:  Now you can keep your operations running all year long,

even in adverse weather conditions down to -50°C


Arctic conditions exist in all but seven states in the United States and in a vast area throughout the world. Arctic conditions are defined as blowing winds coupled with temperatures well below freezing. Extremes of cold have a broad and far-reaching set of effects. During the winter months, untreated coal can freeze together and can also stick to railcars and ultimately impact delivery schedules and increase downtime for plants. In severe conditions, certain activities, and sometimes the whole project, can be halted. This halting of operations can include significant economic costs in transportation, production, energy and infrastructure. It is important to know how to take precautions against and mitigate cold temperature effects before and during operations. Counteract the impact by being prepared. Having the proper freeze conditioning treatment will ensure that you avoid cold weather-related hindering and halting of operations.


Zinkan’s Product Development Team has developed freeze control solutions to answer the needs of industry – where extreme conditions are experienced – down to -50 °C. While our glycol, salt and glycerin products are extremely effective, they tend to become problematic around the temperature of freezing and ultimately either become too viscous, or corrosive, to effectively use in an extreme climate.


Our ArcticREADY Extreme product is formulation that overcomes these difficulties of working with freeze conditioning agents. ArcticREADY Extreme is a proprietary chemical that maintains low viscosity at extremely low temperatures. In addition, the final freeze point of the chemical is also below that of glycols, salts and glycerin and Zinkan is able to reduce the cost of the product as compared to glycols.


Zinkan enterprises will work with you to determine the best solution to meet your extreme conditions. Being prepared and reducing over chemical consumption directly adds to the bottom-line and improves your business operations. Learn more.


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