Keep Any Environment Dust Free

Excessive levels of dust, if left untreated, can lead to health issues, operational inefficiency and shutdowns. Zinkan’s top-of-the-line dust control solutions keeps your site dust free and running efficiently, puts your business in compliance with MSHA/OSHA new regulations, and provides an overall safer environment for you, your workers, your pets, your family, and spectators. ZEI has been providing cost-effective dust control solutions to quickly bring down dust levels for silica, quartz, coal, and wood dust (just to name a few) for nearly half a century with proven success.  Our solutions exceed recommended restrictions, easing your mind and your pocket book. You can effectively fight dust with ZEI’s dust control solutions product line. We don’t set the dust standards, we just make it so you can meet them to keep you and yours safe.


Dust Control Solutions

DustReady 49 DustREADY™ 49 is our recently approved for PennDot Publication 447's listing of Approved Products for use as dust control on roads in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
DustReady 110 DustREADY™ 110 is our Ammonium Lignosulfonate based road dust control product that is a natural product made from trees which are a renewable resource.
DustReady 350 DustREADY™ 350 is a Resin based product that once applied and cured, forms an almost asphalt like texture and appearance over time. The more applications used of this product, the better the results.
DustReady 300 DustREADY™ 300 is our Calcium Chloride based dust control agent. Instead of forming a solid crust like our other offerings; DustREADY 300 is hygroscopic which means that it maintains a moisture when sprayed that keeps the dust down.

Dust Control Solutions For Underground

MineReady You can meet MSHA's new regulations with MineReady™

MineReady NoFoam MineREADY is one of many of Zinkan's innovative mine dust control chemicals and mine water treatment solutions that's been proven to save customers money and get their coal and quartz dust levels below MSHA set standards.
MineReady Agglu For decades, Zinkan has provided patented dust control chemistry to underground mining operations throughout the world. Zinkan Dust Compliant Line is applied where mines use long wall shearers and continuous miners with or without air scrubbers for fugitive dust control.
MineReady Premium Choose the Best… Choose MineREADY™ -With over one million gallons of MineREADY™product having been applied since 1987, today we find more and more underground mining operators choosing Zinkan’s MineREADY™ technology due to its effectiveness, safety and low cost application.

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