DustREADY-49 used as a dust control agent and binder, it is proven to eliminate problems caused by air borne dust. In a hot dry climate or even in the winter months, untreated roadways and industrial lots can produce airborne dust. Ultimately it can impact delivery schedules, increase downtime for operations, create unhealthy conditions, create violations/fines, and can actually produce explosive atmospheres.  DustREADY-49 provides dust control for dirt/gravel roadways by binding the road surface particles together. Water evaporates from the product as it dries, and the high viscosity naturally sticky material traps the dust particles. In addition, after rain, DustREADY-49 reconstitutes and provides continued dust control once dry. DustREADY-49 increases the load bearing capacity of all soils and creates a hard tightly bound road that increases traction and skid resistant surfaces. This greatly reduces, or eliminates the need for grading because of wash boarding or potholes and wheel rutting.







Intended Use:


DustREADY-49 has been approved for the use of road dust control in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by The Center for Dirt and Gravel Roads.  ZEI submitted DustREADY-49 for inclusion on the Approved Product List in the PennDOT Publication 447. Publication 447 contains a listing of approved Products or Processes that meet the Bureau of Municipal Services specification requirements and are eligible for Liquid Fuels Funds for use on municipal maintenance and construction projects. The Program has strict standards that prohibit the use of environmentally harmful materials or practices. This means that ZEI had DustREADY-49 tested for affects to wild life and fish, as well as, for performance and toxicity and have met or exceeded their stringent requirements.  ZEI is privileged to have received a recommendation from CDGR to add DustREADY-49 to the publication 447 Product Approval Listing. Industries that would most benefit by use: Municipalities, Coal, Utilities, Oil/Gas, Commercial/Industrial, and Steel.


Dosage and Application:

Dosages and application are a function of the quantity and type of dust particles to be treated. Through onsite evaluations, proper rates can be established that will allow contact with all the various size particles. Please contact a Zinkan representative for further information.