MineREADY™ Dust Control

MineREADY™ is one of Zinkan's innovative, silica dust control chemicals that can greatly reduce the levels of quartz/silica/coal dust. No other product on the market compares when it comes to providing best-in-class airborne dust control solutions to keep you and your workers safe under the harshest conditions.



Industrial dust control.

Intended Use:

MineREADY™ industrial dust control chemicals provide an effective conditioner for use in treatment and agglomeration of coal airborne dust resulting from processing or handling. Treated dust will flow consistently, can be easily moved on conveyors and can be handled without creating more dusting problems. Industries that would most benefit by use: Coal, Utilities, and Steel.


Dosage and Application for Airborne Dust Control:

Dosages and application are a function of the quantity and type of dust particles to be treated. Through onsite evaluations, proper rates can be established that will allow contact with all the various size particles. Please contact a Zinkan representative for further information and how our silica dust control chemicals and solutions can help save your money and keep your operations MHSA compliant.

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