GetREADY Service for MATEC

The GetREADY™ TEAM for ALL MATEC Installation, Repair, Training and Supplies for Filter Presses, De-Watering and Wash Equipment!

GetREADY™, Stay Ready!!!


As with all equipment, attention to preventative maintenance and proper repair work always provides the benefit of extending the lifetime of your equipment, maximizing your return on investment and maintaining your operational readiness. Our GetREADY™ Team is highly experienced and dedicated to providing Zinkan and Matec customer’s with timely service and cost effective options to keeping your plants in good working order, ensuring knowledgeable operation of your equipment and supplying the highest standards of service in the industry. The GetREADY™ specialists are experts in the repair and maintenance of Dewatering Filter Presses, Water Clarification Silos and Polymer Dosing machines.  



Contract Services Provided:


For new customers that have yet to receive their equipment, the GetREADY group offers a team of specialists dedicated to the construction and assembling of Matec Equipment and Accessories at the customer location. The
Group will conduct pre-planning meetings ahead of the equipment delivery, provide an overview of the installation process and review layout designs to get you ready to make your installation process go as smoothly as possible.



After installation, your new Matec Equipment needs to be commissioned for service. This process involves at its basic level, running the plant and ensuring all functional parts are properly working. The GetREADY Team Member on-site will coordinate with Matec all electrical, plumbing, hydraulics, software controls and limit switches are working properly and conduct the Matec Equipment Training & Maintenance Overview. As soon as the parameters are set and the correct operation tested and confirmed the commissioning work is considered completed and the equipment is handed over to the customer with a record (description of the work, set values, summary, recommendations for the future use of the equipment).


From time to time, equipment does require a qualified technician to visit the plant and diagnose problems. When these events occur, we have you covered. The GetREADY Team can provide inspection visits to determine what the root cause is for the failure, work with Matec and our vendors to determine a solution and provide a firm proposal to complete the solution.


A smart way to protect your equipment, you’ve invested in quality equipment that is vital to your business-and service contracts represent a smart way to protect your investment. A fixed annual fee provides comprehensive service support on your equipment and creates many strong advantages in your business. The Preventative Maintenance Contractsprovide a financial advantage through predictable service costs and greater peace of mind when you’re protected against potentially expensive equipment failures. The overall performance advantage of properly maintained equipment result in extended lifetimes and less downtimeleading to increased operator profits and enhanced productivity. Equipment tends to be much better maintained while under contract-minor repairs and basic preventive maintenance are performed before small problems have a chance to become large problems. Professional and timely equipment maintenance doesn’t cost-it pays!


For new and older equipment, Operators and Maintenance personnel must be properly trained and certificate on the Matec Equipment.  The GetREADY Team offers two levels of training programs. Operational & Maintenance Training is conductive over a week long period to establish a excellent understanding of not only how to operate and control your Matec equipment, but also understand how to maintain it and receive the highest level of return possible. The Chemical & Treatment Training program is designed around a 2 Day session with a Chemical Engineer and covers the basics of using Polymers, how they work and how to optimize their performance and usage to minimize your cost of operation.