A comprehensive product line for the oil & gas industry.

Oil and Gas solutions.

For over forty years, Zinkan has been a staple in the energy industry.  Developments in fracking technology and its expanding presence has lead Zinkan into the oil and gas industry.  Zinkan has developed a range of chemical products to serve the "down hole" and "reclamation" needs of fracking.  Various chemicals are used ‘down hole’ in a multistage process to initiate and maximize the flow of gas. Zinkan provides the oil and gas water treatment solution used to break up the thick mud and permit the gas to flow back easily. Zinkan also provides equipment based technology to remove un-dissolved solids for water reclamation.



Dewatering Solutions

Our polymers, flocculants, and coagulants have been trusted for over forty years by government and industrial plants throughout America to keep water clean and operations running smoothly.

Polymers, Flocculants, Coagulants. Without the correct settling agents, waste-handling systems can face slowed or halted operations.

Down Hole Fracking - Freeze Conditioning

Dust Control

Road Environments Dust from road use can take a tremendous toll on equipment, slow your operation and negatively affect the environment.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Solutions Biocides/Algaecides, pH Control, caustic, and no foams are all important for water quality.


Along with providing you with specialty chemicals, Zinkan can also meet your equipment needs.

Specialty Zinkan manufactures a wide variety of specialty chemicals to serve the needs of mining, industrial and commercial customers. Along with providing service, contract billing can provide worry free operation allowing Zinkan to handle monitoring and your chemical needs.