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For over forty years, Zinkan has been a staple in the energy industry.  Developments in fracking technology and its expanding presence has lead Zinkan into the oil and gas industry.  Zinkan has developed a range of chemical products to serve the "down hole" and "reclamation" needs of fracking.  Various chemicals are used ‘down hole’ in a multistage process to initiate and maximize the flow of gas. Zinkan provides the oil and gas water treatment solution used to break up the thick mud and permit the gas to flow back easily. Zinkan also provides equipment based technology to remove un-dissolved solids for water reclamation.


Hydraulic Fracking Chemicals - Freeze Conditioning

Zinkan has introduced our new line of oil and gas solutions that can be customized to meet your needs and requirements of the industry.

Down Hole Freeze Conditioning Hydraulic Fracturing Down Hole Freeze Conditioning

Water Treatment

Zinkan manufactures a series of water treatment solutions, in dry and easy-to-use liquid forms, designed to neutralize corrosive tendencies and formation of acids and gases associated with steam, condensation systems and fuel oil handling and burning.

Scale Inhibitors The accumulation of scale can reduce flow rates, oftentimes leading to lower operating efficiency.
Corrosion Inhibitors Corrosion of material (specifically metal or alloy) can lead to environmental challenges, operational inefficiency or even shutdown.
Biocides / Algaecides Bacterial and fungal growth can have a detrimental effect on your operation and the environment.

Dust Control

Zinkan’s top-of-the-line dust control solutions put your operation in compliance with OSHA/MSHA regulations and provide a safer working environment to keep you operational in a cost-effective way.

Road Environments Dust from road use can take a tremendous toll on equipment, slow your operation and negatively affect the environment..


Zinkan’s comprehensive collection of specialty chemicals is capable of floating fine, course, and low-or-high rank coal in a broad spectrum of plant conditions.

Anti-foams Foams can cause serious problems such as defects on surface coatings, unmanageable liquid levels and overflow.
Frothers Zinkan’s diverse collection of frothers ensures the perfect amount of particle floatation for your specific plant configuration and other specialty chemicals that you may be utilizing.
Collectors Zinkan’s wide range of collectors and specialty chemicals allow you to select the right collector for your flotation conditions, feed size and recovery/selectivity levels.


Along with providing you with specialty chemicals, Zinkan can also meet your equipment needs to make your operation run smoothly and worry free.

Equipment Zinkan can provide you with the equipment you need and have it meet your specifications.
Chemicals Zinkan manufactures a wide variety of specialty chemicals to serve the needs of mining, industrial and commercial customers.
Lab Services Zinkan has a full service lab to meet your ever changing needs.

Water Quality

Our pond chemicals, pH control solutions and caustic products allow you to easily comply with water quality standards in situations that require implementing chemical stability and neutralization of bases and acids.

pH Control Use Zinkan's pHREADYproducts and pH control will no longer be a challenge for you.
Acids pHREADY Series is designed for removing water scale and rust from heat exchangers, compressors, cooling coils and other equipment.
Liquid Caustic Zinkan offers Liquid Caustic Soda for neutralizing acidic waters.


Our polymers and flocculants have been trusted for over forty years by government and industrial plants throughout America to keep water clean and operations running smoothly.

Cationic Polymers and Flocculants Without the correct settling agents, waste-handling systems can face slowed or halted operations.
Anionic Polymers and Flocculants Zinkan’s anionic polymers / flocculants are recommended for use in a broad range of solid-liquid separation processes for settling, thickening and dewatering.
Anionic & Cationic Gel Logs Anionic and Cationic Gel Logs are the perfect solution for remote location applications without power.
Nonionic Polymers Zinkan has developed various nonionic polymers and products to concentrate floc into sludge and also aid with filtering during water treatment.
Primary Coagulant Polymers Zinkan’s primary coagulant polymer products are used to adjust the acidity of streams and retention ponds and increase the basicity of the treated water.

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