Water Treatment Services & Chemicals

Maintaining water quality and clarity within a plant and in the natural environment is a critical part of any operation. Zinkan manufactures a series of water treatment products, in dry and easy-to-use liquid forms, designed to neutralize corrosive tendencies and formation of acids and gases associated with steam, condensation systems and fuel oil handling and burning. For nearly 50 years, Zinkan has set the standard for cost-effective, innovative water treatment specialty chemicals.

Zinkan provides two main resources for Water Treatment Solutions in the industry.  The first is focused on Total Water Treatment solutions using Chemicals, AquaREADY, and second is focused on Biological Additives, BioREADY.  Feel free to explore both solutions to find the best solution for your needs.  In addition you will find a variety of Solution specific formulations offereing excellent equipment lifecycle performance specifications.



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Facility Support & Energy Savings

Perpetuating Savings through Total Service Management: Water treatment for facility managers is often a challenge to control. For example, whether it’s a chiller, boiler or cooling tower, the level of detail required to maintain energy efficiency and equipment life requires properly designed water treatment programs and continual testing followed by corrective actions. To provide a complete solution, facilities require a Total Service Management™ Program.

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Chemicals and biological additives such as BioREADY, Accu-Tab Wastewater Tablets and the Bio Jet 7 product line will help keep your system running at peak efficiency. Accessories such as Jet-Chlor tablet dosing devices or the Illumi-Jet ultraviolet disinfection system will help meet the needs of your specific application.

Thioguard for Wastewater

THIOGUARD® is a safe, alkaline slurry similar to milk of magnesia. Think of it as milk of magnesia for your sanitary system.

Odor Control for Collection Systems Thioguard increases wastewater pH, Buffers long-range, Absorbs and complexes odor compounds, Minimizes gas evolution, Neutralizes acid and prevents corrosion.
Fats, Oil, Grease Thioguard facilitates chemical and biological breakdown of FOG through saponification.
Wastewater Treatment Thioguard® is the only liquid phase treatment used in the collection system that can enhance the treatment process at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Scale Inhibitors

The accumulation of scale can reduce flow rates, oftentimes leading to lower operating efficiency. And today, efficient scale inhibitors are just as important to the environment as they are to your operation. That’s why Zinkan manufactures a series of multifunctional scale inhibitors and water treatment solutions for cooling systems and chemicals to prevent and/or eliminate deposits of metal ions and hardness salts in the feedwater of boiler systems. We also offer water treatment solutions for use where extremely low-pollution potential and maximum protection of equipment is needed.

Boiler Scale Inhibitors Scale inhibitor products allow for fine-tuning the specific needs of a particular boiler system.
Closed Loop Scale Inhibitors Closed Loop products provide all the benefits of chromate and nitrite based scale inhibitors without the toxicity, abrasiveness, pollution and incompatibility problems.
Cooling System Scale Inhibitors Scale inhibitors are environmentally engineered water treatment chemicals that effectively protect open recirculating cooling systems.
Potable Water Scale and Corrosion Preventers These products are non-toxic treatment, safe for use in domestic potable water systems for the inhibition of scale and corrosion.provide.
Specialty Boiler Scale Inhibitor Specialty scale inhibitor products that allow for fine-tuning the specific needs of a particular boiler system.

Biocides / Algaecides

Bacterial and fungal growth can have a detrimental effect on your operation and the environment. Zinkan’s biocide and algaecide water treatment chemicals prevent algae, bacteria, fungus, mold and slime from taking over in applications that provide the ideal environment for the growth of algae and other unwanted guests. Our extremely effective water treatment chemicals reduce or eliminate these threats in your tower and pipes.This series is also very important to the oil/gas industry (frac water, settlement ponds, and down hole drilling,) This series is added to the water to protect the water against biological infestation and growth.

BiocideREADY Series BiocideREADY Series is effective in controlling algae, iron bacteria and other slime forming microorganisms that contribute to the biological fouling of cooling towers, water storage tanks, and heat exchangers. This series is also very important to the oil/gas industry.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion of material (specifically metal or alloy) can lead to environmental challenges, operational inefficiency or even shutdown. To mitigate risks associated with corrosion, Zinkan has spent years developing perfectly formulated corrosion inhibiting specialty chemicals that effectively decrease the corrosion rate of materials and the impact on the environment. We also offer specialty chemicals for use where extremely low-pollution potential and maximum protection of equipment is needed.

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor Specialty products designed for water treatment to prevent scale and corrosion.
Oxygen Scavengers Since all natural surface waters are normally saturated with air, the presence of dissolved oxygen in make-up waters is to be expected. We employ oxygen scavenging chemicals for boilers to prevent corrosion.
Condensate Corrosion and Scale Control A series of products designed to minimize condensate corrosion and scale through the use of volatile amines.

Dewatering / Filter Presses /Water Reclamation

Zinkan can meet your dewatering, filter pressesm and water reclamation needs.

Dewatering / Filterpresses From pumps and spray bars, to complete polymer breakdown systems, Zinkan can provide you with the solution and even do the complete installation for you.


Along with providing you with specialty chemicals, Zinkan can also meet your equipment needs and maintenance procedures.

Specialty Zinkan manufactures a wide variety of specialty chemicals to serve the needs of mining, industrial and commercial customers. Along with providing service, contract billing can provide worry free operation allowing Zinkan to handle monitoring and your chemical needs.