WasteWater Culture Series

When addressing wastewater system problems, BioReady cultures are a tool you can count on to enhance overall biological wastewater system performance, overcome shock kills and achieve system stability to meet the discharge criteria for the wastewater system. BioReady cultures and bio-formulations are designed using the latest methods in bio-technology and supported by a well-trained staff. BioReady products are well recognized in the industry with over two and one-half decades experience in industrial bio-technology.



Engineered Applications

BioReady S5000 (Liquid)                                       

Wastewater Treatment Plants, Collection/Conveyance Systems, Storage Tanks, Lagoons/Ponds, Process Waters and most General Industry Applications.

Degrades a wide range of organic chemicals and odor-causing compounds, including those that contain sulfur, such as mercaptans, phosphorus and hydrogen sulfide. Helps to Reduces BOD, SS, COD, Ammonia, Phosphorous and Nitrogen compounds.

BioReady D-HYDRO (Dry)                           Petrochemical, refining, power generation coal gasification, textile, steel coking and land farming.

Aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

BioReady D-FOG (Dry) Food Processors and Producers, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Collection/Conveyance Systems, Holding Tanks and Lagoons/Ponds with FOG issues. Consumes FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) to prevent and remove clogs and odors associated with FOG. Targets slow-to-degrade long chain fatty acid compounds.
BioReady S1000(TM)(Liquid)                      

Wastewater Lagoons/Ponds, Dairy/Poultry/Pork Grow and Production Facilities and All Industries with Elevated Ammonia Levels.

Ammonia removal and reduction through nitrification, startup, restart and provide stable nitrification in adequately designed wastewater systems.
BioReady S4000(TM) (Liquid)                          Degrades Sludge in Wastewater Plants, Collection/Conveyance Systems, Lagoons/Ponds and All Industries Requiring Sludge Removal/Reduction. Enhances biological performance and promotes bio-solids reduction.


Product Line Benefits                                                   
Facilities Using BioReady Products

Eliminates or Reduces:
• FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease)
• Odors
• Phosphorous & Nitrogen
• Hydrocarbons
• Pass Through Compounds


• Rapid Startups
• System Recoveries
• System Stability
• Solids Settling
• Cold Weather Performance
• Preventative Maintenance Programs

• Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Wastewater Collection & Conveyance Systems
• Food Producers
Dairy & Poultry Farmers/Growers
• Plastics Recycling
• Schools & Universities
• Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
• Hospitality & Entertainment Facilities