Keep your piles sealed & dust free, even in transit.

When left untreated various materials such as wood dust at saw mills, coal, coke, ash, dirt and aggregate piles can produce visible airborne dust. In transit by rail or truck, your materials need to be protected from dusting. Dust can also lower the life cycle of machinery. Dust control solves the issues of air quality, visibility, health, environmental safety and local compliance standards.  Our PileREADYdust control products are formulated to form a strong pliable crust that will provide a coating over your materials and will keep them from dusting when storing in a pile or during transit. The pile sealing crust formed will protect your materials from wind and air erosion; while helping aid in the reduction of possible spontaneous combustion hazards.


PileREADY 50 is our best selling latex based car topper and/or pile sealer that has been used in various industries for over 25 years.


PileREADY 50D is a prepared solution that is a ready to spray version of our legacy PileREADY 50 product. No water needed, just load up and spray.


PileREADY 50W is our Winterized version of PileREADY-50 but will remain aqueous in temperatures as low as -10˚ Celsius.


PileREADY 16 is our propietary formula primarily used in sawmills to reduce wood dust.




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