Keep your materials sealed & dust free.

When left untreated coal & coke trains can produce visible airborne dust while on their way to their destinations. Your materials need to be covered to protect the public from dusting and your materials from erosion, and from spontaneous combustion hazards. Our RailREADYproducts are formulated to form a strong pliable crust that will provide a coating over your materials that will keep them from dusting when sitting in a pile or while in transit.  The train dust control crust formed will protect your materials from wind and air erosion; while helping aid in the reduction of spontaneous combustion hazards.


RailREADY 50 is our traditional latex based car topper that has been used in various industries for over 25 years.


RailREADY 50D  is a ready-made RailREADY 50 that needs no water. Just load up and spray.


RailREADY 50W is our Winterized version of RailREADY50 but will remain aqueous in temperatures as low as -10˚ Celsius.


RailREADY 55 is our new proprietary blend a washable latex product that can be used as a car topping  for  coal  trains.    Zinkan  created RailREADY™ 55 for those customers who have found legacy latex solutions too difficult to clean and work with. This product is easy to wash off machinery and equipment once the application is complete.