It is no surprise that dust is everywhere- where we work, where we play, where we live.

It is unavoidable.  All we can do is minimize our exposure by using dust control products from Zinkan. 



Excessive levels of dust, if left untreated, can lead to health issues, operational inefficiency and shutdowns. Zinkan’s top-of-the-line dust control solutions keeps your site dust free and running efficiently, puts your business in compliance with MSHA/OSHA new regulations, and provides an overall safer environment for you, your workers, your pets, your family, and spectators. ZEI has been providing cost-effective dust control solutions to quickly bring down dust levels for silica, quartz, coal, and wood dust (just to name a few) for nearly half a century with proven success.  Our solutions exceed recommended restrictions, easing your mind and your pocket book. You can effectively fight dust with ZEI’s dust control solutions product line. We don’t set the dust standards, we just make it so you can meet them to keep you and yours safe.