DustREADY-5000 is one of Zinkan’s most innovative products for bio-solid based fertilizer dust control.





Intended Use:

Biomass or bio-solids are produced by waste water treatment facilities for use as a fertilizer for agriculture, golf courses and lawns for nearly a century.   The bio-solids, once produced, are packaged and shipped in different sized bags and containers. When left untreated bio-solids can produce visible airborne dust once the package or container is opened.  Our DustREADY5000 dust control product is a proprietary newly developed product.  It is pleasant smelling and is formulated to form a shiny coating that will provide dust reduction for your materials; that will keep them from dusting when sitting in a pile, being warehoused and when opened by your end-user.  Industries that would most benefit by use: waste water facilities, large quanity of fertilizer stockers as an end user.


Dosage and Application:

Dosages and application can be performed through onsite evaluations, proper rates can be established that will allow contact with all the various size particles. Please contact a Zinkan representative for further information.