MineREADY™ AggGlu Underground Dust Control Spray

MineREADY™ AggGlu is an effective water spray system for dust control and is often used because of its effectiveness on haul roads and in aggregate processes.



Underground dust control spray.

Intended Use:

MineREADY™ AggGlu water spray dust control system is an effective conditioner for the treatment and agglomeration of airborne or loose surface dust resulting from the processing or handling of minerals. Treated dust will agglomerate, creating less demand for watering. Choose AggGlue and see why our underground dust control spray is one of the most effective for the Coal, Mining, Utilities, Oil/Gas, Commercial/Industrial, and Steel Industries.


Dosage and Application: 

Dosages and application are a function of the quantity and type of dust particles to be treated. Through onsite evaluations, proper rates can be established that will allow contact with all the various size particles. Please contact a Zinkan representative for further information about how we can design a spray system to fit your custom application.