PileREADY-50W is the winterized version of PileREADY-50.  It is a water and latex-based blended carboxylated emulsion copolymer.



Intended Use:


PileREADY-50W is recommended for the crusting of material to reduce loss of material storage during colder weather. It is an environmentally safe soil stabilization agent that permits safe and convenient application and cleanup.  The film-forming characteristics of  PileREADY-50W effectively penetrate surfaces, forming tough, water-resistant crusts over the surface of materials such as coal, soil or sand and is a long term solution to reduce the loss of material while storing or while in transit if used on truck and rail cars.  Industries that would most benefit by use: Coal, Utilities, Oil/Gas, Commercial/Industrial, and Steel.


Dosage and Application:


Dosages and application are a function of the quantity and type of dust particles to be treated. Through onsite evaluations, proper rates can be established that will allow contact with all the various size particles. Please contact a Zinkan representative for further information.