Equipment, Service, Specialty Chemical Providers

Zinkan offers a variety of options to keep your operation running at top performance. We are a full-service lab and can perform a variety of lab services and product formulations. We also have facility management, specialty chemicals and equipment packages available so that Zinkan can be your one-stop solution provider.

Other Services

Zinkan offers a variety of lab services for water treatment, mining, aggregate, and custom applications. We can perform a variety of lab services, testing, research and product formulation.

•Water analysis
•Corrosion Studies
•Research & Development
•Custom Formulations
•Lab Floatation Studies
•Frother Studies
•Contracts to reduce monitoring, maintenance, and personnel
•Distributor of Liquidow
•Distributor of Matec
•Distributor of AVARA/IGF+
•Special series of chemicals to keep Ballast free from pest

Warehouse Services

Zinkan has warehousing locations in the following territories: Midwest, Southwest, Appalachian, and the Northeast.

• We provide trans loading of chemicals from small containers to bulk trucks.
• We provide trans of chemicals from one tank to another.
• We provide chemical storage space in any of our warehouses.


Zinkan realizes the importance of keeping your operation going. Functioning and efficient running equipment is a necessity to keep your overall costs down. We can be your one stop equipment provider by providing the installation of equipment, the chemicals, monitor and do the maintenance for you and to your specifications, so you don't have to.

• Spray bars
• Water treatment pumps
• Total polymer system installation
• Tanks
• Contracts to make it hassle free (reduce personnel, reduce training costs, reduce need for monitoring/maintenance.

Material Flow

If not properly treated, coal chutes can become clogged due to wet coal. The impasse issue is not only the water moisture in the coal, it is in the very composition of the coal and its natural acidic nature that causes the blockage over time.

Material Flow Series Zinkan's Material Flow Series can aid mills and plants in avoiding coal chutes and bins from clogging.

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