ArcticREADY Extreme

You can keep your operations running all year long, even in adverse weather conditions down to -50°C. Outsmart the weather with ArcticREADY™ Extreme.



Intended Use:

ArcticREADY™ Extreme is a proprietary chemical that maintains low viscosity, almost half that of glycols, at extremely low temperatures – making it a superior product to work with.  You can be operable at temperatures down to -50°C. In addition, the final freeze point of ArcticREADY™ Extreme is below that of glycols, salts and glycerin, without the corrosive properties of salt or the viscosity problems of glycerin at these operating temperatures. Best of all, ZEI is able to offer this product at a reduced cost as compared to current standard offering of glycols. This product is great for keeping untreated coal, aggregate and other mine resources from sticking to railcars during cold weather. Industries that would most benefit by use: Coal, Utilities, Oil/Gas, Commercial/Industrial, and Steel.



Dosage and Application:

Please contact a Zinkan representative for further information.