FreezeTrol-77 W

FreezeTrol-77W is a heavily winterized specially formulated freeze control liquid designed to penetrate ice and compacted snow to break the bond to the surface and can also be used as an effective de-dusting agent. 







Intended Use:

There is a broad range of potential freeze control applications of FreezeTrol-77W:


  • Steps, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots

  • Ramps, loading docks and outdoor equipment

  • Truck undercarriages and service station pump areas

  • Spray for coal or ores as a freeze conditioning agent

  • Spray for railroad cars as a side release agent


As an anti-icer, FreezeTrol-77W reduces operation costs when applied as a release agent before snow and ice conditions occur. This freeze conditioning agent can also be applied after inclement weather to hasten the removal of surface-bonded ice and snow, under even the coldest weather conditions. FreezeTrol-77W is useful year round and is even used as an effective de-dusting agent and replaces various non-EPA authorized hydrocarbon based materials. Industries that would most benefit by use: Coal, Utilities, Oil/Gas, Commercial/Industrial, and Steel.




  • Effective to -40ºF...Enables operations even under the coldest conditions
  • Long Lasting...Saves reapplications and reduces cost.
  • Increases Friction...Even "hard" or smooth belts that carry coal.
  • Safe to Handle...No dangerous handling conditions like Ethylene Glycol or Calcium salt solutions.
  • Non Corrosive...Will not harm any metal, rubber or lubricated surfaces.
  • Lowest effective dosage of any deicers...Highest percentage active ingredients possible mean Savings in use of 25-40% at a lower overall cost.
  • Minimizes fines build up and carry back...Keeps you operating with no down time.


Dosage and Application:

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