Frothers / Collectors: Keep Your Business Afloat.

Frothers and collectors play critical roles in the flotation of metal sulfide ores. And finding the right specialty chemicals is just as critical for successfully stabilizing bubbles for easy mineral collection. Zinkan’s comprehensive collection of specialty chemicals is capable of floating fine, course, and low-or-high rank coal in a broad spectrum of plant conditions.


Foams can cause serious problems such as defects on surface coatings, unmanageable liquid levels and overflow. Zinkan’s anti-foam specialty chemicals greatly reduce or eliminate these problems in various applications. They work in many industrial processes: waste disposal, pulp/paper manufacturing, acid cleaning and coal cleaning to stop foam at the point of application. Prevent foam formation and control over-froth situations in launders, sumps and more with our innovative anti-foaming chemicals.

Water Specialty (Anti-Foam) Water Specialty (anti-foam) chemicals are a specialty antifoam with a silicone liquid blend of surface-active agents, which work to control foam over a broad pH range of industrial processes.


Selecting the perfect frother to work with other specialty chemicals and your plant configuration is crucial. And that’s the reason Zinkan has developed a wide range of frothers and promoters capable of floating fine, course, and low- or high-rank coal in a broad spectrum of plant conditions. Our comprehensive line of cost-effective frothers has the products you need—no matter the size and configuration of your system.

Material Separation Frothers Material Separation Frothers are a low odor blended frother often used as a flotation agent for recovery of copper and precious metal flotation.
Material Separation Frother using Glycol Material Separation Frothers using polypropylene glycol flotation for frother.


Zinkan’s wide range of collectors and specialty chemicals allow you to select the right collector for your flotation conditions, feed size and recovery/selectivity levels. These specialty chemicals can be used in the flotation of silica from iron ore, selected nonferrous minerals, phosphate rock and more. We offer cost-effective collection solutions that fit your project and operation—no matter what the specifications.

Material Separation Collector Diesel Replacement These are a replacement for diesel fuel as a collector.
Material Seapartion Collection using Petroleum These are a highly purified petroleum product used as a collector.

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