MSF-168 & MSF-540

MSF-168 is a low odor blended frother to aid in material separation.  MSF-540 is a polypropylene glycol flotation frother.



Intended Use: 


MSF-168 is often used as flotation agents for recovery of copper and precious metal flotation. MSF-168 is especially effective in increasing recovery of coarse particles. This cost efficient frother is fully compatible with thio-based and amine collectors. MSF-168 enhances selectivity, increases flotation kinetics and is effective over a wide range of pH.


MSF-540 is a powerful frothing agent that produces highly selective froths, resulting in improved mineral recoveries.  Metallurgy is improved due to the characteristics of the froth produced. Industries that would most benefit by use: Coal.


Dosage and Application:
Please contact a Zinkan representative for further information.