Zinkan Freeze Conditioning Solutions for Operational Efficiency


Freeze Control Solutions That Keep Your Operations Running



Zinkan’s freeze control agents utilize our advance chemistry to modify and weaken the crystal structure of ice so that it readily fractures. These fracking solutions are specifically formulated to work as both freeze control conditioning agents and dust control agents, serving dual purposes.  They are also an excellent solution for down hole fracking and can be modified to meet your specific needs.


Chemicals used in Hydraulic Fracturing:


FreezeTrol-70 is a diethylene based glycol freeze conditioner for use on surfaces exposed to low ambient temperatures.


FreezeTrol-76 is a freeze conditioning and dust suppression agent utilizing Zinkan's polymer-based dust control chemistry.


FreezeTrol-60 is a glycerin-based freeze conditioning agent for use on surfaces exposed to low ambient temperatures.


FreezeTrol-67 is a freeze control chemical that is designed to be applied to either break the bond between ice and snow and a given surface or to prevent ice glaze and ice build-up.


ArcticREADY is an exclusive freeze control chemical that is designed for extreme weather conditions of -50 Celcius.



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