Advanced Vapor Recompreesion System

avara_pic_1.jpgZinkan Enterprises offers the AVARA Advanced Vapor Recompression System which provides an economical and reliable solution for higher level treatment of produced and frac water. Deployed infield and closer to the wellhead, the AVARA system promotes minimal liability for spills by providing clean, distilled water for piping and transfer around the field and reduces overall water handling costs. The AVARA is a highly advanced, energy efficient combined water treatment and brine concentration system. The system treats produced and frac water and provides two effluent streams: distilled quality water and clean, concentrated brine for re-use in field operations.




  • Recycles high TDS water for beneficial reuse
  • Reclaims produced / frac water at or near the well head
  • Clean water product is put to beneficial use (fracing, agriculture)
  • Trailer mounted compact unit or single container - allowing deeper penetration into the field and making it mobile and easy to deploy
  • Source water may come from seawater, lake, river, pond
  • Greatly reduces water trucking costs and dramatically minimizes disposal costs
  • Provided drinkable water within a few hours of being deployed
  • Produces 75 gallons per hour, 1800 gallons per day                        
  • Utilizes engine/turbine exhaust heat for combined heat-power efficienciesAVARA_OPERATIONAL_5_AIRIAL.jpg
  • Powered to adapt to on-site power possibilities: flares, grid, gas, diesel, self-contained power source (if needed)
  • Typically operates with just one person, lower labor costs than other technologies
  • Vapor Recompression is robust, reliable technology that can accept a wide array of water quality
  • Low-pressure operation resulting in reduced energy costs, operating temperatures, and stress induced corrosion
  • No open combustion sources for improved safety and reduced fire risk
  • Wireless transmission of operating parameters, diagnostics and control inputs
  • Resultant product is distilled water, clean air, and power generation for environmental benefit