Induced Gas Flotation Separator Plus

Zinkan Enterprises offers the Induced Gas Flotation Separator Plus system which is designed to operate at 5,000 BPD. The IGF Plus system removes oil and TSS to 5 microns. Trailer mounted equipment allows for quick mobilization and demobilization to accommodate the changes in well water locations as well as to provide quick and easy set up. The IGF Plus system comes complete with a stand-alone PLC system for easyIGF.jpg operator control.


Chemically treated oily water enters the flotation unit and air/gas is inducted from within vessel to produce a stream of water/oil and fine bubbles. Oil and TSS contaminants create a floc in the presence of water clarifier chemicals. This floc is removed from the surface in a froth skim system.


De-oiled water exits through the bottom of the flotation unit and is transferred to the nutshell filter using a transfer pump. The transfer pump also provides motive force for the inductor that generates bubbles. We call this a pump away recycle flotation system. The nutshell filter is a down flow filter that is loaded with approximately 54” of filtration media. The filter is backwashed at the service rate in an up-flow direction and media is re-circulated through a scrub tube to remove oil and solids before the media is returned back into the filter.




  • Trailer mounting increase portability to reduce field transport costs
  • Goulds 20 HP, 225gpm @ 127 ft head, 460/3/60 Flotation Pump
  • Goulds 15 HP, 400 gpm @ 46 ft head, 460/3/60 Filter Backwash Pump
  • Inlet, outlet and gas pressure gauges, sample cocks for water testing
  • Viewports to verify operation during service
  • Carbon steel face piping
  • 316SS internal materials
  • Solenoid operated automatic valves actuated by local Allen Bradley programmable logic controller
  • Class 1, Division 2, Group C or D area usage
  • Level gauge with low level pump protection and level control for the flotation unit