Material Flow: Improve Economic Efficiency with Material Flow Consistency

Mills and plants have spent millions of dollars on different materials and equipment to avoid coal chutes and bins from clogging. Our series is proprietary in its method/approach for coal flow solutions. No other competitor does it like Zinkan does.

Material Flow

Disruptions in coal flow can result in a significant drop of utility power plant’s output or a steel plant’s operating efficiency. Therefore, manufacturing operations that utilize coal in their daily operation must employ equipment and processes that keep the material flowing under a wide variety of operating conditions (atmospheric temperature & humidity, coal purity, adsorbed water, etc.). Many times even the best mechanical systems are not sufficient to prevent coal stoppages from occurring. In these situations, users turn to Zinkan's clean coal technology and clean coal chemical solutions to keep material flowing; or to lessen the effort and time required to repair a blockage.

Material Flow Solution Zinkan's Material Flow Solution Series is a proprietary material in its application method/approach. No other competitor does it like Zinkan does.