pH Calibration Solutions for Environmental Standards


Today, one of the most significant sources of water pollution is poorly managed and improperly treated industrial and agricultural waste. Our pond, pH control, and caustic chemicals allow you to easily comply with water quality standards in situations that require implementing chemical stability and neutralization of bases and acids. These customized and cost-effective water pH solutions and specialty pond chemicals keep you compliant with environmental regulations while keeping your operation running efficiently.


Controlling pH can be a big challenge in an environmentally conscious world. But Zinkan’s versatile pH control chemicals and pond chemicals make it easy for any operation to build and maintain an efficient pH control system. We offer numerous products to adjust the acidity of streams and retention ponds and increase the basicity of treated water. Our pH calibration solutions and pH control chemicals come in various strengths and sizes allowing you to have the precise solution you need.




Water acid cleaner series is are specially formulated and designed for removing water scale and rust from heat exchangers, compressors, cooling coils and other equipment in utility companies, paper mills, chemical plants, steel mills, mines, and other industries. This Series has various ranges in strength and is specially blended to remove greases and soils as well as oxides (rust) and scale from metals.



pHREADY Caustic

Caustic is often used for  pH regulation and organic blending. It is often sold in bulk since aqueous solutions are cheaper and easier to handle. Caustic is used in many scenarios where it is desirable to increase the alkalinity of a mixture, or to neutralize acids. In the oil industry, Caustic is used as an additive in drilling mud to increase alkalinity, to increase mud viscosity, to control iron in wells, and to neutralize any acid gasses which may be encountered during the actual drilling process.




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