Anionic, Nonionic, & Cationic Gel Logs

 Anionic, Nonionic, and Cationic Gel Logs are made into a slow dissolving solid form.


Anionic Gel Logs:

FlocREADY G605


FlocREADY G104


Non-Ionic Gel Log:

FlocREADY G601

Cationic Gel Log:



  • Weighs 10 pounds.
  • Individually wrapped and boxed (6” x 6” x 12”). Four boxes to a case.
  • Special Anionic Gel Logs with various charges, weights and shapes are available. Prices may vary.


Note: Distributor programs are available.





Intended Use:

Anionic, non-ionic and cationic polymer gel Logs are in solid form and are excellent for remote location applications without power. Wherever you need to settle solids, ponds, impoundments or AMD Plants, our Gel Logs are an excellent choice to prevent solids from carrying over into receiving streams. By flocculating solids, Gel Logs produce a soft, easily disposed settling that will not adhere to pipes, pumps, etc. Industries that would most benefit by use: Water Treatment, Coal, Utilities, Oil/Gas, Aggregate, Commercial/Industrial, and Steel.


Dosage and Application:

Contact a Zinkan representative for more info.