THIOGUARD® TST is a Magnesium Hydroxide slurry which results in an effective, environmentally safe total system treatment for municipal wastewater.   Technical Grade Magnesium Hydroxide "milk of magnesia" Mg(OH)2 The Non-Hazardous, Earth-Friendly alternative for odor and corrosion with positive plant benefits.



THIOGUARD® is a safe, technical grade alkaline slurry similar to milk of magnesia. Think of it as milk of magnesia for your sanitary system.

Direct Addition for Odor Control:  Added directly to sewers, THIOGUARD® stops odors by preventing formation of hydrogen sulfide gas.


Crown Spray for Corrosion Control:  Surfaces periodically sprayed with THIOGUARD® are gently neutralized and protected from corrosion.


Wastewater Treatment Plant Process Improvements through:  pH and Alkalinity Supplementation With the addition of a slowly dissolving low solubility THIOGUARD®'s use in aerobic and anaerobic biological digestors provides a steady reactor pH conducive for maximizing bacterial development


Biosolids Chemistry Enhancement for Land Application:  Available magnesium in soil occupies the central position of the chlorophyll molecule/green pigment to utilize solar energy for the production of organic matter. Therefore, an adequate magnesium supply to plants may markedly increase photsynthetic activity of leaves. Also, magnesium is essential to energy (vitamin) transfer within plants


Increasing filter cake solids by 20-40% due to divalent cation bridging:  Negatively charged microbial flora are bridged by the divalent positive charge of technical grade magnesium hydroxide forming a large floc that settles readily.  These improvements in floc formation thereby significantly reducing polymer demands.


Major Advantages:

- Non-hazardous and safe to handle
- No danger to the public or the environment

- Low cost compared with all other options
- Can be added directly or crown sprayed

- Treats both odor and corrosion 
- One feed rate treats all sulfide levels