BOILER AID Series - Corrosion Control

BOILER AID Series products are a blend of water treatment chemicals and materials selected to prevent scale and corrosion.


Intended Use:

BOILER AID Series products are an all-in-one treatment for boiler systems. These products contain precipitating, sequestering and crystal habit modifying agents that act as corrosion and scale inhibitors. BOILER AID Series can be used with a polymeric dispersant, which function synergistically when used together. They distort crystal growth and reduce particle size. By altering the surface charge of the suspended particles, the attraction between the boiler tube wall and the particle is significantly reduced. The net result is a corrosion and scale inhibitor that suspends solids – allowing them to be readily handled by blowdown. Industries that would most benefit by use: Water Treatment, Utilities, and Commercial/Industrial.


Dosage and Application:
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