KLEEN OB HIBIT - Dry Acid Inhibitor

KLEEN OB HIBIT - Dry Acid Inhibitor is a specialty protective cleaning product. KLEEN OB HIBIT is one of Zinkan’s premier specialty chemicals. KLEEN OB HIBIT is a kosher product.


Intended Use:

KLEEN OB HIBIT Dry Acid Inhibitor is for use with cleaning chemicals for industrial boilers, cooling towers, janitorial, industrial and vehicle cleaning products, milk stone removal, floor cleaning preparations and brewery and coffee urn cleaners. Uniquely designed to protect equipment and inhibit the attack of sulfamic, sodium bisulfate, oxalic, citric and other acid solutions on mild steel, copper and brass during industrial chemical cleaning and descaling operations. Industries that would most benefit by use: Coal, Water, Aggregate, Utilities, Oil/Gas, Commercial/Industrial, and Steel.


Dosage and Application:
Please contact a Zinkan representative for further information.